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If you already have a sponsor,
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then register on the project site only on its referral link.

If you found this site yourself,
came to him from advertising or a link to it you gave
Top Leader of the FortuneMaker project Sergey Krivenko,
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The project is launched today, April 10, but this registration button will become active immediately after the general start of the project, which will be in about 10-15 days. Starting today, April 10, 2018, registration of partners on the preliminary lists of partners begins, which decided to join the project at the stage of its preparation and waited for its launch to this day. As soon as all the preliminary partners are located in Trinar, a free registration in the project will open. And now, to get your link for registration, contact everyone to your sponsor. If you do not have a sponsor, then you can contact technical support, contact details are at the bottom of every page of this site. While the launch is in progress, applications for inclusion in the pre-launch lists and placement in the structure before the general launch are still accepted. In short, who first got up, and slippers :)